Our Resort and Hotel

Clubbali Family Suite

Hotel in Kuta Bali with natural shades and beautiful Bali beach

Hawaii Family Resort & Spa

Resort in Anyer with stunning views of the coast and Mount Kratoa

Javahighland Resort

Hotel in Puncak Bogor with views of the mountains and fresh air


About Clubbali

Clubbali as a group part of PT Loka Wisata Asri which is engaged in the tourism industry especially hotel & resort accommodation which was established in 1991. The concept offered is different from hotels in general, in addition to providing complete hotel facilities plus kitchen facilities as benefits an apartment and has a large capacity for each room because of efficient spatial arrangements without losing its function.

International cooperation for holiday exchanges is also becoming more value, to be able to use hotels & resorts around the world.

  • Competitive and cheap prices
  • Complete facilities at star hotel standards
  • Accommodation in holiday / tourist destinations around the world

Clubbali Services

We offer the following services


Membership facilities / membership for accommodation services in Hotels & Resorts scattered throughout Indonesia with lower prices and profitable promo packages.


Pick-up service to locations from airports, stations, terminals or transportation to nearby tourist attractions.

Tour package

Additional vacation packages to places of interest we have provided for you, so that makes your vacation more complete to explore the area you visit.

Hotel Accommodation

Available vacation accommodation with star hotel facilities, which has been equipped with other facilities that make us different from hotels in general.

Group and Event

Providing corporate or private group events at our Hotels & Resorts, with special cheaper prices and attractive packages for your event activities.

Holiday Exchange

Have a holiday exchange partnership with RCI, so you can use accommodations that are spread all over the world if interested in using it.

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Clubbali Resort established since 1991 is part of PT Loka Wisata Asri, which is engaged in tourism, especially hospitality. We Providing accommodation facilities for Indonesian family vacationers

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